Minuteman statue in Lexington, Massachusetts
Minuteman statue in Lexington, Masschusetts

DAR recognizes its members’ ancestors who were patriots. These men and women lived in the original thirteen colonies, and they fought or supported the fight for independence from the British.

Their victory in the American Revolution in July 1776 made the United States of America a sovereign nation.  

The patriots were united in their pursuit, which was expressed in our country’s Declaration of Independence as follows:  

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Listed below are the patriots represented by the membership of Halpatiokee Chapter, by name, state served and rank or service.

Abbott Jonathan MA Captain
Adams Ebenezer RI Captain
Adams William PA Private
Admire George NC Civil Service
Ainsworth Edward NH Private
Alderman David NC Soldier
Alexander Adam GA Staff Officer, Patriotic Service
Allen Joseph, Jr CT Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Allen Joseph CT Private
Allerton John NJ Private
Ambler James CT Private
Andes Andrew VA Patriotic Service
Andes William MD Patriotic Service
Armistead John VA Private
Armstrong Robert SC Lieutenant
Arnold Jeremiah VA Private
Arnold John NJ Private, Patriotic Service
Asbury Richard VA Lieutenant
Averil Perry CT Lieutenant
Baer John VA Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Baird David NJ Lieutenant
Ball Josiah MA Private
Banta Abraham PA Patriotic Service
Banta Henry PA Patriotic Service
Barber Simeon CT Private, Patriotic Service
Barnes Shadrack NC Soldier, Patriotic Service
Barrett Ninian MD Private, Patriotic Service
Barrett Thomas, Jr MA Captain
Barrett Thomas, Sr MA Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Barteau Morris NY Corporal
Bates Nehemiah MA Private
Beall Zephaniah MD Major, Patriotic Service
Bealmear Francis MD Patriotic Service
Beaver George PA Private
Beckett Humphrey VA Private
Bedford Thomas, Sr VA Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Beeson Richard VA Patriotic Service
Belknap Moses VT Private
Bennett John VA Patriotic Service
Bennett Thomas NC Sergeant
Bentley Thomas NC Patriotic Service
Billups Joseph VA Sergeant
Blackshear David NC Private
Blackwood James MA Corporal
Blanton Reuben VA Lieutenant
Bleecker Anthony Lespenard NY Major
Bliss Luke MA Patriotic Service
Blough Jacob PA Private
Bowers Christian PA Soldier
Boyer Daniel PA Private
Boynton David MA Private
Branch William NC Soldier
Brenneman Isaac PA Private
Brewster Benjamin, Sr NY Patriotic Service
Brewster Benjamin, Jr NY Private, Patriotic Service
Brewster John NY Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Brinckerhoff Henry NJ Private
Britt Edward GA Soldier
Brooke Benjamin PA, NY Captain, Patriotic Service
Brooke, Benjamin PA Captain, Patriotic Service
Brooke James, Sr PA Patriotic Service
Brown Andrew MA Private
Browning Daniel NY Private
Browning Enos VA Private
Bruner George PA Private
Bryan Daniel Boone NC Private
Bryan Mary Boone VA Patriotic Service
Bryan William VA Patriotic Service
Buck Elijah CT Patriotic Service
Buckner Aylett VA Major, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Buddington Walter CT Private, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Burnside William NY Soldier
Burrill Abraham MA Private
Bushnell Jordan CT Private
Butler James SC Private
Butler John MA Private
Button Peter CT Private
Cadman George NY Private
Campbell Arthur VA Colonel, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Campfield Jabez NJ Staff Officer
Cassell Abram MD Private
Caswell David VT Private
Cawood Berry VA Private
Chaffee Thomas NJ Private
Chapman John GA Sergeant
Chapman John VA Lieutenant
Chapoton Jean Baptiste VA Patriotic Service
Chase Amos MA Patriotic Service
Chase Daniel NY Patriotic Service
Churchill Samuel MA Private
Clason Samuel CT Private
Clay David NC Private
Coffin Benjamin MA Patriotic Service
Cole John NH Sergeant
Cole Joseph, Jr VA Captain
Coleman Abner NY Private
Coleman Spencer VA Private
Comer Augustine VA Private, Patriotic Service
Conrad John PA Private
Conrad, Rudolph NC Captain, Patriotic Service
Converse, Sr, Josiah CT Patriotic Service
Cook, Thaddeus CT Colonel
Coon Peter PA Private
Corser Jonathan NH Private
Cragin John, Jr NH, PA Private, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Crigler Nicholas VA Patriotic Service
Crisler Adam VA Patriotic Service
Crockett John VA Lieutenant, Civil Service
Crummey Stephen SC Private
Curry Richard PA Private
Curtis Elnathan, Sr MA Civil Service
Dalton John VA Sergeant
Dampier Daniel GA Sergeant
Dawson Thomas VA Patriotic Service
Day Thomas CT Private
De Witt John NY Lieutenant
Dean Richard NY Captain
Deibert Michael PA Soldier, Patriotic Service
Delanoy Abraham NY Private
Dingley Jacob MA Private
Dorris William NJ Private
Douglas Hezekiah CT Ensign
Douthet John, Sr NC Patriotic Service
Downs John VA Private
Drake George NJ Private
Drouin Dit Lemaine Joseph CD Patriotic Service
Durrance William NC Patriotic Service
Dustin Timothy NH Patriotic Service
Dyer Christopher, Sr MA Lieutenant
Dyer Samuel MA Private
Earle David NJ Private
Earle John NJ Patriotic Service
Eastman Timothy CT Private
Edmondson Isaac SC Private
Eldredge Daniel VT Private
Eldredge John NJ, VA Private
Elkins Chase MA Private
Epes Edward VA Patriotic Service
Epes James VA Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Evans Andrew VA Private
Evans Rees PA Soldier
Fabian John Casper PA Patriotic Service
Fairbanks Elijah MA Private
Farrar Amos PA Private, Patriotic Service
Ferris Caleb NY Private
Fleenor Michael VA Private
Fletcher Timothy MA Sergeant
Ford Jacob, Sr NJ Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Freeman Aaron NC Patriotic Service
Freeman John NC Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Fuson William VA Private
Gaul John Frederick PA Private
Gemberling Jacob PA Private
Gerberich Andreas PA Private, Patriotic Service
German Adam PA Private
Getz Michael PA Private, Patriotic Service
Gibson Stephen, Sr MA Private
Giles Aquila MD Lieutenant Colonel
Gillespie William PA Private
Glidden Benjamin MA Private
Goldsmith Benjamin NY Patriotic Service
Graham Robert VA Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Gray John NY Private
Gray Nathaniel NY Private
Graybill Michael PA Private
Grier Benjamin NC Captain, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Grout Elijah NH Patriotic Service
Gunsalus Richard PA Lieutenant
Guyton John MD Patriotic Service
Guyton Nathaniel SC Patriotic Service
Hacker John VA Private
Hale Amon MD Private
Hall Ignatius NC Patriotic Service
Hand Hezekiah NJ Private
Harkness James MA Patriotic Service
Harlow Ephraim MA Private
Hart Jacob PA Private
Hart Samuel NC Lieutenant
Hartzell Henry PA Private
Hatch Elijah MA Sergeant
Hauff Andrew PA Soldier, Patriotic Service
Heck Daniel MD Soldier
Helie Dit Breton Jean Baptiste CD Patriotic Service
Hemphill Andrew SC Patriotic Service
Hendricks Thomas VA Patriotic Service
Hester, Barbara Cook VA Patriotic Service
Hester Charles SC Patriotic Service
Hildebrand Conrad NC Patriotic Service
Hinkson John PA Private
Hoadley Silas CT Private
Hodges Joshua NC Soldier
Hoffecker George VA Private
Holsinger Michael VA Private
Hooe Robert Howson VA Staff Officer
Housman Jacob PA Private
Howard Stephen CT Private
Hughes Rowland VA Private
Humphrey Ebenezer MA Captain
Hunter Henry NC Private
Immel George Michael PA Private
Inyard William PA Lieutenant
Jennings Israel VA, NY Soldier
Jewett Ichabod CT Private
Jones Hugh PA Captain
Jordan Israel MA Private
Jordan Nathaniel, Sr MA Lieutenant Colonel
Keller John PA Private
Kelly Nathan PA Private
Kern William PA Patriotic Service
Kichlein Peter, Sr PA, SC Colonel, Patriotic Service
Kimberly Fitch CT Private
King Mathias PA Corporal
Kline Barnhart PA Lieutenant
Kramer Daniel, Sr PA Patriotic Service
Kyle Hartman PA Private
Laird Jacob PA, SC Lieutenant
Lanning John NC Private
Leatherman Nicholas NC Patriotic Service
Leggett, Jr John NY Private
Lent William VA Private
Leonard Asa CT Private
Letzenbergh Simon PA Patriotic Service
Lillard Benjamin VA Captain, Patriotic Service
Lipscomb Ambrose VA, NY Private
Little Daniel NC Civil Service
Little Moses MA Brigadier General
Littlefield David MA Private
Littlefield. Sr John MA Lieutenant Colonel
Lockhart Jacob VA Soldier
Lohr Valentine PA Private
Long Thomas PA Major, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Lovering Joseph Mayo MA Patriotic Service
Lovering Joseph MA Patriotic Service
Luther Conrad PA Patriotic Service
Malpass John SC Private
Manifold Benjamin PA Private
Mann Luke GA Captain, Patriotic Service
Manus James VA Patriotic Service
Marbury Elenor G GA Patriotic Service
Mask, Jr John NC Patriotic Service
Matthews Timothy MA Private
May John VA Private
Mccamish Thomas VA Private
Mcclintock Alexander PA Private, Patriotic Service
Mcclure Matthew NC Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Meriwether David VA Lieutenant
Merriken John MD Patriotic Service
Monell David NY Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Montgomery John VA Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Moore John NC Private
Morgan Perminter NC Patriotic Service
Morse Jonathan NH Private
Moseley William NC, SC Private
Mull John NC Patriotic Service
Mull Peter NC Captain, Patriotic Service
Muse Thomas SC Captain
Musser, Sr Philip PA Patriotic Service
Musser Sebastian PA Soldier
Neighbour Nicholas PA Private
Netherton John VA Major
Newton Roswell MA Private
Nixon William NJ Private
Osborn George Jerry NH Captain
Pace Joel VA Private
Pagan Alexander SC Captain, Patriotic Service
Paine Reuben CT Soldier
Patterson Ebenezer MA Sergeant
Perrin Jesse MA Captain
Phillips Theophilus PA Lieutenant Colonel
Piatt Jacob Patriotic Service
Pitman James GA Lieutenant
Pitts John NC Captain
Poorman Jacob PA Private, Patriotic Service
Potter Nehemiah RI Sergeant
Potwine Thomas CT Private
Powers Isaac MA Captain, Civil Service
Prather Thomas MD Patriotic Service
Prime John VA Private
Pulliam Thomas VA Private
Quackenbush John NY, NC Captain
Quarterman Thomas GA Patriotic Service
Rader Casper PA Soldier
Ralston David VA Private
Rawson Abner MA Patriotic Service
Reesman Philip PA Private
Register Benjamin NC Soldier
Rhodes Joseph MA Private
Rhodes Mathias PA Patriotic Service
Richardson Isaac MA Private
Richmond Stephen NY Soldier
Ringle Mathias PA Ensign, Patriotic Service
Roberts Isaac PA Patriotic Service
Roberts John PA Private
Roberts Thomas VA Patriotic Service
Robinett Jesse PA Private
Robinson Issachar NY Private, Patriotic Service
Rogers David CT Private
Rogers Joseph NY Patriotic Service
Ross William MA Private
Russell Ebenezer NY Private, Patriotic Service
Sanford Jeremiah VA Soldier
Savage John NY Patriotic Service
Schreier Johann Peter PA Private
Scott Arthur VA Captain
Scudder Jedediah NJ Private
Sears Elkanah CT Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Shepard, Jr Daniel CT Sergeant
Shepard Moses NJ Captain
Sherman Conrad PA Captain
Shippen William PA Patriotic Service
Shoemaker George PA Patriotic Service
Shoup Martin MD Patriotic Service
Shoup Peter NC Soldier, Patriotic Service
Shumway Solomon MA Private
Simms William VA Captain
Simonton Thomas PA Private
Smiley Robert PA Soldier
Smith Ralph CT Private
Stannard John CT Private
Stevenson Daniel PA Private
Stewart Thomas PA Patriotic Service
Stimpson Samuel MA Private
Stoddard Lemuel NH Private
Stonecypher John NC Private
Stratton John NY Patriotic Service
Stretcher Edward PA Patriotic Service
Strohm John PA Private, Patriotic Service
Swan Charles PA Private
Taft Aaron MA Lieutenant, Civil Service
Taft Ebenezer MA Private
Taft Peter MA Civil Service
Tate James NC Soldier, Patriotic Service
Tate William SC Lieutenant, Civil Service
Taylor, Jr Othniel MA Captain
Tozer Jared CT Private
Trowbridge Shubel NJ Private
Tuthill Jonathan NY Captain
Tuthill Samuel NJ Lieutenant Colonel
Tyler Daniel VA Private
Tyson Henry PA Private
Utterback Jacob VA Patriotic Service
Van Arsdale Simon PA Major
Van Doren Joseph NJ Private, Civil Service
Vance Joseph PA Private
Vining David MA Private
Vining Elisha MA Civil Service
Vreeland Jacob NJ Patriotic Service
Vrooman, Sr Tunis NY Captain
Waldo Joseph CT Private
Waldo Zaccheus CT Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Walker, Sr Thomas VA Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Walters Henry PA Private
Walton Jeremiah PA, NC Patriotic Service
Walton, Sr William VA Private, Patriotic Service
Ware Robert NC Civil Service
Watson John VA Private
Watson Larner VA Private
Watson Michael SC Captain, Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Watts Garrett NC Private
Wayland John VA Soldier
Weaver Matthias VA Soldier, Patriotic Service
Webber John MA NCO
Wells, 3rd Thomas RI Captain
Wentworth Moses MA Soldier, Civil Service
Westfall Wilhemus NY Captain
Weston Levi MA Private
White, Haffield MA Captain Adjutant
Whitner, Henry, Sr NC Patriotic Service
Williams, Thomas S VA Private, Patriotic Service
Withington, Samuel MA Sergeant
Witter, Ebenezer CT, VA Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Woodruff, Enos NJ Private, Patriotic Service
Woodruff, Gedor CT Private
Woodruff, Timothy NJ Civil Service
Woodward, Enos CT Civil Service
Woodworth, William CT Private
Wright, Thomas VA Private
Wylie, Thomas GA, NC Captain, Patriotic Service